Cash Flow Modeling/General CRE Underwriting for both portfolio lending and CMBS execution

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Third Party Reviews

Tenancy Analysis and Lease Abstracts

Loan Abstracts

Distressed Debt Analysis

Borrower Credit Due Diligence

Detection.  Prevention.  Compliance.

Standardized reports include:

  • Pre Qualifier Report
  • Standard Report
  • Deluxe Report
  • Add On Products include: Organizational Chart Review and Sponsor Review
  • Assumption Reviews

Depending upon the level of report, all or a portion of the following items are covered:

Policy and Procedure

Creating Efficiencies.  Maximizing Profits.

Please give us a call to discuss our Standard Products as well as customized solutions.

Identity Verification and Address History

Property Assessments

Liens and Judgments

UCC and other recorded documents


Federal and County Criminal Records

Federal and County Civil Records

Federal Bureau of Prison Records

Financial Industry Sanctions or Legal Actions

Commercial Real Estate Underwriting

Experience.  Quality.  Execution.


Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Loan Boarding Process

Reserve Processing

Transaction Review

Servicing Agreement Review

Underwriting Guidelines

AML/KYC Policy

Policy Review and Evaluation

Professional Licenses

Business and Corporate Affiliations

Social Networking/Online Presence Research

Negative News

Federal and State Tax Courts

DMV Records

Consumer Reports

Federal and County Felony and Misdemeanor

OFAC Terrorist List