CSRE is a multifaceted boutique real estate consulting firm. With over 35 years of cumulative experience across an array of real estate specialties,  we hold risk management as our core principal. We partner with financial institutions to mitigate risk in all aspects of real estate finance - from loan creation to deal closing - so they can remain focused on production and profit.  We are adept at working with top level management, and have deep expertise in establishing departments and policy throughout the life cycle of a loan.  Our detailed approach to our business allows us to provide superior perspective and solutions.

Commercial Real Estate Underwriting

Policy and Procedure

The Principals at CSRE have participated in the creation of over 8 businesses or business units within the financial and commercial real estate industry.  We have vast expertise in creating efficient policies and procedures. Further, we understand the importance of creating an  adept and comprehensive process to help maximize  increased profit margins.

Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Borrower Credit Due Diligence

Adding Value and Efficiency to Your Due Diligence Process

CSRE has an established network of seasoned real estate professionals with expertise in commercial real estate underwriting. Combined, our professionals have underwritten over $8 billion and over 250  loans.  CSRE is most comfortable understanding the dynamics of secondary and tertiary markets.  Our team of qualified real estate professionals takes great pride in its ability to deliver a high quality product  in a timely manner.

In today's ever increasing regulatory environment, it is imperative that financial institutions establish an efficient and economic process  to ensure compliance with "Knowing Your Customer." At CSRE, we took our 35 years of experience in credit analysis and commercial real estate due diligence to create a solution to this problem.  CSRE Borrower Credit Due Diligence products ensure compliance with  regulatory standards while also providing an intuitive credit review.